M. Milán: “To study how cells communicate with each other, perhaps the best model organism is the fruit fly”

Marco Milán.
Marco Milán.

The “Meet Our Scientists” video entitled “Our relative the fly” presents the research performed by Marco Millán on the fruit fly.

He studies the cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying the regulation of tissue growth during normal development, its proper functioning and the formation of a tumour.

Marco Milán (Madrid, 1968), ICREA research professor, leads the Development and Growth Control Laboratory at IRB Barcelona. In the video, he talks about the study of human diseases, such as diabetes and neurodegenerative diseases, in Drosophila melanogaster—the fruit fly.  

As he explains, his research aims to understand how the genes that are involved in the regulation of normal growth are also those responsible for generating a tumor. In particular, the Development and Growth Control Laboratory is very interested in understanding the link between diabetes, nutritional deficiency, and cancer. 

Meet Our Scientists” comprises a series of 3-minute videos that present several of IRB Barcelona's leading scientists. The videos seek to show the insight, passion, character and talent of the researchers that work at the centre. 

Watch the video “Our relative the fly” (Subtitles available in Spanish, Catalan and English).


A new video will be available on YouTube and via the IRB Barcelona’s website soon.