Medical research progresses despite cuts

“20 minutos” newspaper publishes a compilation of the most important findings in made in biomedicine in 2014 by leading research centres in Spain. The article emphasizes that these results, produced by CNIC, CNIO, Vall d’Hebron and IRB Barcelona, were achieved despite the economic crisis.

Regarding IRB Barcelona, one of the outstanding projects is that undertaken by the team led by Ángel Rodríguez Nebreda, head of the “Signalling and Cell Cycle” lab, which identified the function of a protein related to colon cancer. The article also highlights the project developed by the group led by Roger Gomis, ICREA researcher and head of the “Growth Control and Cancer Metastasis” lab, which has identified the genes that favour the staggered metastasis of colon cancer.

Read the article in “20 minutos” (in Spanish).