Patrick Aloy "We must focus on halting the progression of Alzheimer’s disease"

Patrick Aloy, ICREA researcher at IRB Barcelona, has told the programme 'L'Entrevista', broadcasted by “La Xarxa Televisió”, that research into Alzheimer’s disease is still unravelling the disease, how it starts and what would be a suitable approach to tackle it."

Because of the complexity of this condition, Aloy says, "we will not cure Alzheimer’s disease. We have to focus on halting its progression. The earlier we stop the development of this condition, the greater the improvement in the health of those who suffer from it."

"To halt its progression, we will be able to administer drugs when symptoms of the disease are detected, thereby preventing its further development. If we had markers to detect the disease 15 years before its onset, we would be able to stop its progression. We wouldn’t be curing the disease but we would be halting its progression before symptoms appear." 

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