The complete cancer genome will allow early detection and personalized treatment of this disease

Researchers of the Biomedical Genomics Laboratory
Researchers of the Biomedical Genomics Laboratory

Various media channels have reported on the Pan-Cancer Project, which has involved the Biomedical Genomics Lab at the Institute for Research in Biomedicine (IRB Barcelona). 

The journal Nature has published a set of 23 articles that describe the most comprehensive genomic map of 38 types of cancer to date.  “It’s the first time that the complete genomes of tumours has been sequenced,” says Abel González, researcher in IRB Barcelona’s Biomedical Genomics Lab.

SER radio station has also interviewed Núria López-Bigas, head of the aforementioned lab. The researcher explains that one of the conclusions of the study is that “cancer is a genetic disease—a disease caused by gene mutations”. She goes on to say that the goal of this work is to analyse what causes tumours and to understand how cancer cells evolve.

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