The origin of metastasis, a finding that offers hope

Gloria Pascual, reseracher at IRB Barcelona
Gloria Pascual, reseracher at IRB Barcelona

 The EFE Agency has published an interview with  Gloria Pascual, associate researcher in the Stem Cells and Cancer Lab at the Institute for Research in Biomedicine (IRB Barcelona). In the interview she talks about the discovery made by Joan Massagué regarding the origin or metastasis.

The researcher explains that the study demonstrates what has been suspected for years, namely that “the metastatic process is highly influenced by environmental conditions within the tumour encountered by cells and does not depend so much on the acquisition of a specific mutation”.

Pascual adds that the final goal of research into metastasis is the discovery of new therapeutic targets that are specifically directed against the metastatic cell. “Dr. Massagué and his team have identified a protein, L1CAM, that mediates metastasis. This discovery paves the way for the development of new drugs to treat certain kinds of cancer, particularly those that respond to or have high levels of this protein,” she says.


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