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Predoctoral programme

Predoctoral programme

A solid foundation for a successful career in biomedicine

Training is a way of life at IRB Barcelona. When young scientists come to the Institute, they know they will be entering into world of opportunity where they can do their research and training in a unique international and multidisciplinary setting. PhD students receive close mentoring, have access to a wide variety of scientific activities and services, and are able to take advantage of an extensive network of academic and industrial contacts. Our goal is to stimulate young people to carry out creative scientific projects at the highest possible standard, and to become future leaders in the academic or industrial world.

Nearly 130 students, almost half of whom are non-Spanish nationals, are currently working toward their PhD thesis at
IRB Barcelona.

Students work on a research project that is chosen in mutual agreement with their group leader. They also participate in all day-to-day activities of the laboratory to learn a variety of skills and techniques.