Scientific news
<p>The DNAzyme 9DB1, whose catalytically active structure and reaction mechanism was unknown, makes use of a mechanism involving two ions, similar to that used by natural enzymes (J. Aranda, IRB Barcelona).</p>
20 Jun 2019

Modesto Orozco’s lab (IRB Barcelona) has published a study on the reaction mechanism of DNAzymes in Nature Catalysis.

DNAzymes, which are catalysers formed by DNA, have applications in biomedicine and biotechnology. These research results will contribute to advances in the design and improvement of catalysers for therapeutic purposes.

Scientific news
<p>The asymmetry of DNA-RNA hybrids can be used to improve the efficiency of gene editing technologies like CRISPR-Cas9 (M Terrazas, IRB Barcelona)</p>
13 Jun 2019

Modesto Orozco’s laboratory (IRB Barcelona) has published a study on the source of asymmetry between nucleic acid hybrid (RNA and DNA) in CHEM (Cell Press).

The results are a promising step towards enhancing gene therapies, which are applicable to many diseases.

Scientific news
<p>The androgen receptor helix of polyglutamine becomes increasingly stable as the number (n) of glutamine amino acid residues increases.</p>
12 Jun 2019

Kennedy’s disease is an untreatable neuromuscular disorder considered a rare disease

A study led by Xavier Salvatella may pave the way for new lines of treatment for Kennedy’s disease

Scientific news
<p>Illustrated view of the different conformations adopted by a flexible small molecule. Colours represent different ensembles of conformations.</p>
6 Jun 2019

A study done by scientists at IRB Barcelona can simulate and predict the shape of a molecule in function of its environment.

These results mark a milestone for the computational design of molecules with specific shape and features for agrochemical, technological and pharmaceutical applications.

Scientific news
<p>Cross section of healthy efferent ducts photographed with a fluorescent microscope</p>
4 Jun 2019

The research group led by Travis Stracker identifies genes involved in male infertility in mice.

Their findings are relevant in humans and could explain undiagnosed cases of male infertility or subfertility.

Scientific news
<p>Valentina Maria Zinna, Salvador Aznar Benitah, Patrick Welz and Inés Marín Guillén, IRB Barcelona.</p>
31 May 2019

In mice whose body clock—an internal mechanism located in the brain—does not work properly, each tissue still knows what time it is and has the capacity to respond to changes in light intensity.

The study, published in the journal Cell, is a collaboration between IRB Barcelona and the University of California, Irvine (US).

Institutional news
29 May 2019

The new institution will represent and give visibility to young scientists, preferably from the field of experimental sciences

Scientific news
<p>Andreu Casali</p>
28 May 2019

This research will help to identify those genes that play a key role in the initiation of metastasis

Metastasis causes 90% of cancer related deaths

Institutional news
<p>IRB Barcelona’s Open Day</p>
24 May 2019

Personal chronicle of the day by Tanya Yates

Although the event itself is not due to start till 10 am, at 7 am a small group of sleepy people from the Communications Department (including me) are already busy with the logistics of the event. Bit by bit, our eager “crazies” (different generations of our Crazy About Biomedicine programme for secondary school students) start to arrive, PhD students turn up to organise the multiple stands in the Science Fair, admin staff take up duties at the registration desk… it’s 10 am. I love punctuality!

People start to trickle down the street. It’s...

Institutional news
22 May 2019

It is estimated that one in four people will require brain treatment at some point. While there are drug candidates for most diseases of the brain, the blood-brain barrier (BBB) poses an impassable obstacle for most of these compounds and a bottleneck for the delivery of drugs that could cure these patients.

In the Peptides and Proteins Lab at the Institute for Research in Biomedicine (IRB Barcelona), Dr. Meritxell Teixidó headsa line of research that, after 10 years, has led to the development of a technology called Gate2Brain. This patented technology consists of three...