Institutional news
28 Oct 2020

The announcement is made in light of the recent approval of the preliminary draft of the Spanish government’s budget which announces an investment of more than five billion euros in science.

The signatories demand a national pact that includes long-term strategies aimed at promoting frontier science and business innovation.

The document aims to add and provide strategic solutions to the recent Pact for Science and Innovation that the Government has just announced.

Scientific news
<p>Mitochondrial acquisition occurred in a scenario of increasing complexity.</p>
26 Oct 2020

By analysing duplicates of thousands of genes, researchers have reconstructed the evolutionary events leading to the creation of eukaryotic cells, the precursors to virtually all life you can see with the naked eye.

The evolutionary timeline from simple bacterial cells to complex eukaryotic cells progressed differently than previously thought.

The study, a collaboration between the Comparative Genomics lab at IRB Barcelona and the University of Utrecht, has been published in Nature Ecology & Evolution.

Scientific news
5 Oct 2020

Diseases that stem from or are affected by defective amino acid transport, such as cancer, cystic fibrosis or neurodegenerative conditions, may benefit from advances in this field.

The work, a collaboration between the Amino Acid Transporters and Disease laboratory at IRB Barcelona and the Ballester group at ICIQ, has been published in the journal CHEM.

The collaboration has taken place under the BIST Ignite project CALIX4TRANS.

Institutional news
<p>Ernest Giralt, Doctor of Chemical Sciences, Professor at the University of Barcelona (UB), former head of the Peptides and Proteins Laboratory, and first Emeritus Professor at IRB Barcelona.</p>
5 Oct 2020

Ernest Giralt is one of the founding members of IRB Barcelona and the former Head of the Institute’s Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology Programme.

His appointment as “Emeritus Professor” will allow him to share his guidance and expertise with the current community of scientists.

Scientific news
<p>Cell plasticity: different and reversible identities (Cian J. Lynch, IRB Barcelona)</p>
28 Sep 2020

Researchers at IRB Barcelona’s Cellular Plasticity and Disease Laboratory propose a more efficient way to limit cell plasticity without causing cell damage.

The new method sheds light on processes in which cell plasticity is important, such as cancer and immunology.

The study has been published in the journal Nature Cell Biology and has been supported by ”la Caixa” Foundation.

Institutional news
<p>Professor Antonio Zorzano is an expert in diabetes and obesity.</p>
22 Sep 2020

The Academia Programme run by ICREA seeks to foster research excellence among professors at public universities in Catalonia.

Scientific news
22 Sep 2020

Researchers from the Structural Bioinformatics and Network Biology Laboratory at IRB Barcelona develop a system to predict tumour response to different treatments.

Called Targeted Cancer Therapy for You (TCT4U), this system has allowed them  to identify a set of complex biomarkers that are available to the medical-scientific community.

The work has been published in the journal Genome Medicine.

Institutional news
17 Sep 2020

María Isabel Hernández-Alvarez, IRB Barcelona scientist and Ramón y Cajal researcher at the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biomedicine of the Faculty of Biology of the University of Barcelona (UB), has received the Catalan Society of Biology (SCB) award to a 2020 scientific article. This award honors the authors of a scientific publication from 2019 indexed by the Thomson Reuters Web of Science, which has contributed significantly to the advance of science in biology.


Institutional news
10 Sep 2020

The #LeaveABetterWorld campaign is launched to encourage people to leave part of their estate to biomedical research for the benefit of future generations.

To date, the Institute for Research in Biomedicine (IRB Barcelona) has received more than €1.5 M through such donations.

The institute has set up a web page to encourage legacy gifts.

Institutional news
4 Sep 2020

The project led by Manuel Palacín, head of the Amino Acid Transporters and Disease Laboratory, seeks to develop drugs against schizophrenia and stroke.

”la Caixa” Foundation has devoted €18 M to 25 cutting-edge biomedical research projects devoted to diseases with the greatest impact worldwide, such as cardiovascular, neurological, infectious and oncological diseases.