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IRB Barcelona among the 12 research centres chosen to participate in the 2019 “Recerca en Directe” Fair




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The Institute will be giving a workshop entitled “Deciphering the code of cancer”

The “Recera en Directe” fair is a yearly event held in Barcelona that showcases the latest research being done in several of the city’s foremost research institutes to secondary school students and the general public. The participants in next year’s gathering have just been announced and IRB Barcelona figures among the 12 invited centres.

Organised by the Barcelona Science Park and Obra Social "la Caixa", the 2019 “Recerca en Directe” fair will be held from 6-9 March at the CosmoCaixa. IRB Barcelona will be present through a workshop entitled “Deciphering the code of cancer”, given by the Biomedical Genomics Lab headed by Núria López-Bigas. Martina Gasull and Claudia Arnedo, lab manager and PhD student respectively, will be in charge of the activity.

“The workshop will give us the chance to present our project through a game format. The idea is that people will learn which mutations are important for cancer and then they have to find the best treatment,” says Gasull.  “People taking part are going to do with a game what we do with bioinformatics,” explains Claudia Arnedo.

The fun dimension of the science on show at the fair brings research closer to the public—allowing them to participate in projects undertaken in various centres—and to promote scientific culture.  Since its foundation, IRB Barcelona has taken part in “Recerca en Directe” every year, as a part of its strategy to engage the general public with scientific research and discoveries and increase awareness of impact that research can have on people’s lives.

More information and registration (in Catalan): Fira Recerca en Directe 2019

(Text: Tanya Yates)


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The Institute for Research in Biomedicine (IRB Barcelona) pursues a society free of disease. To this end, it conducts multidisciplinary research of excellence to cure cancer and other diseases linked to ageing. It establishes technology transfer agreements with the pharmaceutical industry and major hospitals to bring research results closer to society, and organises a range of science outreach activities to engage the public in an open dialogue. IRB Barcelona is an international centre that hosts 400 researchers and more than 30 nationalities. Recognised as a Severo Ochoa Centre of Excellence since 2011, IRB Barcelona is a CERCA centre and member of the Barcelona Institute of Science and Technology (BIST).