IRB Barcelona collaborates with Amazon on the development of a drug search tool

Several media have reported on the collaboration between IRB Barcelona and Amazon. In this regard, IRB Barcelona’s Structural Bioinformatics and Network Biology Laboratory, headed by ICREA researcher Patrick Aloy, is collaborating with the American giant in the development of a tool based on Chemical Checker technology. This new tool aims to rapidly process the large volume of articles on COVID-19 and extract results that could be relevant in the search for a treatment.

The Structural Bioinformatics and Network Biology Lab is also participating in the European project RiPCoN, devoted to the identification of the human proteins that the virus uses for its expansion. This project seeks to identify drugs (already on the market or in clinical trials) that can modulate the activity of the virus and halt its replication.


Via: Europa Press

Via: El Punt Avui

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