IRB Barcelona to participate in the 12th “Festival de la Ciència”

This weekend the Ciutadella Park will be hosting this event, which will showcase 230 scientific activities aimed at the general public.

IRB Barcelona will be participating through two workshops and a micro-talk, related to microscopy, cancer research and ageing.

On 9 and 10 June, the Ciutadella Park will be hosting the 12th “Festival de la Ciència” (Science Festival), an event that promotes scientific knowledge and seeks to get the public involved in science through activities aimed at all kinds of audiences. Like every year, the Institute for Research in Biomedicine (IRB Barcelona) will be participating in this festival, this year through a micro-talk and two workshops.

The “Festival de la Ciència” is organised by the Barcelona Ciència Programme, which is run by the Barcelona City Council. Over two days, research centres, universities, and scientific associations, among other organisations, will offer 230 activities, including workshops and talks. IRB Barcelona’s Office of Public Engagement and Science Education has organised various activities, which will be held on Saturday 9 June.

Microscopy, cancer and ageing

Lorena González, a PhD student at IRB Barcelona, will give a micro-talk on how cancer research is carried out in laboratories. One of the centre’s main research lines, cancer is the focus of more than 50 projects.
Researchers Begoña Cánovas, Elisabet Llonch, Ignacio Castrillón and Montserrat Romero will give a workshop called "Mira’t al microscopi!". This activity will allow participants to discover how organs are viewed under a microscope and how biological samples are prepared in the laboratory.
Furthermore, PhD student Elena Meléndez and postdoctoral researcher Mate Maus will give a workshop called "Per què envellim?". In this session, they will explain the biological processes behind ageing and talk about whether it will be possible to delay or reverse this phenomenon in the future.



Micro-talk: “Com investiguem el càncer al laboratori”

Saturday, June 9: 12.20 h (duración: 45 min)

Space: 11


Workshop: “Mira't al microscopi!”

Saturday, June 9: 14.40-16.30h

Space: 12


Workshop: “Per què envellim?”

Saturday, June 9: 17.55, 18.30 i 19.05h

Space: 11


See “Festival de la Ciència” programme for more details