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Mechanisms of Disease

TRIP Clinics lab - Chemical Modulation of Proteolysis in Sarcoma Contexts

Trip Lab
Junior Group Leader
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Cesar Serrano
TRIP Clinics External Affiliated Group Leader
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Research information


Many types of tumours are characterized by the abnormal functioning of proteins on the cell membrane, known as Receptor Tyrosine Kinases (RTKs). There are treatments for these types of cancers that are based on drugs inhibiting the kinase activity of these receptors. RTK inhibitors provide significant short-term clinical benefits, but the patients develop resistance to these treatments in the medium to long term. In response to this clinical need, this laboratory seeks to find alternative therapies, focusing initially on sarcomas.

Research interests

Chemical modulation of the ubiquitination-proteasome system (e.g., via targeted protein degradation) offers promising avenues to tackle RTK-driven tumour types and help overcome resistance mechanisms to current therapies. The research group will employ a systematic drug screening approach to target potential candidates. The drug discovery efforts will be validated in engineered cellular and animal models, tailored to the unique characteristics of certain sarcomas.

Research lines

  • Exploring whether targeted protein degradation can overcome resistance to approved RTK inhibitors.
  • Determining if inhibition of certain members of the the ubiquitin-proteosome system can help overcome resistance to approved RTK inhibitors.

Selected publications

Domostegui A, Nieto-Barrado L, Perez-Lopez C, Mayor-Ruiz C
Chemical Society Reviews
(13 )
5498 -
Bauer S, Heinrich MC, George S, Zalcberg JR, Serrano C, Gelderblom H, Jones RL, Attia S, D’Amato G, Chi P, Reichardt P, Meade J, Su Y, Ruiz-Soto R, Blay JY,
von Mehren M, Schöffski P.
Clin Cancer Res
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Nat Chem Bio

Group members

Junior Group Leader
TRIP Clinics External Affiliated Group Leader
Postdoctoral Fellow

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