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Research programmes

Cancer Science

The Cancer Science Programme strives to unravel the molecular, cellular and physiological processes that lead to cancer and the most deadly complication of this disease, namely metastasis. Detailed studies of the mechanisms responsible for malignant transformation and of the relationship between stem cells and cancer will improve the chances of finding solutions and make a significant difference to patients’ lives.

Blood on microscope

External Affiliated Group Leader:

Jaume Mora: Developmental Cancer. Sant Joan de Déu Research Foundation

Programme Secretary:

Cristina Méndez: +34 93 40 34716.

Aging and Metabolism

Our aging society brings with it significant challenges with respect to health. The Aging and Metabolism Programme focuses on deciphering the mechanisms underlying the aging process and associated disruptions in metabolic pathways. Research efforts into these fields seek to develop precision therapies for aging-related diseases, putting an emphasis on multi-morbidities, with the purpose to ensure healthy aging.


External Affiliated Group Leader:

Dr. Oscar Yanes: Centre for Omic Sciences (COS). CIBERDEM.

Programme Secretary:

Rosana Torrente: +34 93 40 34046.

Emeritus Professors:

Dr. Ernest Giralt
Dr. Joan J. Guinovart