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Dr. Xavier Salvatella

Group Leader
+34 93 40 20459

ICREA Research Professor, ERC Consolidator Grant

Research Group

Born in 1972 in Barcelona, Spain. Xavier Salvatella holds degrees in Chemistry from the Universities of Barcelona (Bsc, PhD) and London (MSc) and has worked with Michele Vendruscolo and Christopher Dobson at the Department of Chemistry of the University of Cambridge, where he has been a Research Fellow from 2003. Dr Salvatella was elected to a Research Fellowship at Clare Hall, University of Cambridge in Oct 2006 and was awarded an ICREA Researcher position that same year, which he took up in July 2008.

Dr Salvatella’s general research interests lie at the interface between Chemistry and Biology and have focussed in the recent past on understanding how the structure and dynamics of biomacromolecules relate to disease. In order to address this issue Dr Salvatella is developing methods to study protein structure using sparse experimental data and to simultaneously determine the structure and dynamics of proteins in a wide range of timescales. Most recently Dr Salvatella has established research lines to investigate the interplay between residual structure and sequence in amyloid formation and the mechanism by which molecular chaperones contribute to the regulation of the structure, oligomerization state and concentration of partially folded species in the cell.

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Selected group publications

Biesaga M; Frigolé-Vivas M; Salvatella X
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Garcia-Cabau C; Salvatella X
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Nature Communications
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Nature Communications
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