Core Facilities & Services Biostatistics/ Bioinformatics

Biostatistics/ Bioinformatics

The mission of the Biostatistics/Bioinformatics Unit is to conduct collaborative research and to provide consultation and quantitative research resources to all IRB Barcelona research groups.

We assist scientists by providing both short and long-term consultancy services in the following areas:

  • Experimental design: sample size, study design, planning of statistical methodology 
  • Data analysis: clinical or biomedical databases, genomics data
  • Assistance with statistical methodology in own or others’ research
  • Software: help in using software, develop software to meet special data analysis or study design needs

The facility conducts methodological research and develops resources in all of the above-mentioned areas.

For more information contact the manager of the Biostatistics/Bioinformatics Unit at 

  • Microarrays: Quality control, Differential expression, Enrichment analysis of GO and KEGG, GSEA GO and KEGG, Signature discovery
  • RNASeq: Quality control, Differential expression, Enrichment analysis of GO and KEGG, Signature discovery, Isoform switching, SNP calling
  • ChipSeq: Processing, Quality control, Peak definition + annotation + visualization, Differential Binding + Integrative analysis
  • Whole Genome Sequencing: Processing, Quality control, SNP calling, Copy number alteration calling
  • Whole Exome Sequencing: Processing, Quality control, SNP calling, Copy number alteration calling
  • Proteomics: Processing, Quality control, Differential expression, Enrichment analysis of GO and KEGG
  • Public database mining and analysis: Selection, Curation of clinical data, Processing of expression data, Association of expression and clinical data, Integration of copy number/genomic data
  • TCGA analysis: Exploratory analysis in all cancer types: association between expression and clinical variables, Detailed analysis with curated clinical and technical variables: association with expression, Data integration: copy number, expression, mutations, etc
  • Microbiome: Quality control + OTU estimation + differential abundance, Phylogenetic analysis
  • Binding prediction: Prediction of binding to RNA/DNA by proteins/genes
  • Single Cell Sequencing: Processing, Quality control, Differential expression, Clustering, Trajectories, Enrichment analysis of GO and KEGG
  • Consulting: Statistical consulting, Data analysis, Custom services
  • Experimental design

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